trivia design

At Trivia, we believe that bold ideas can surpass even the wildest imagination when they are in the hands of experienced and dedicated craftsmen. With 18 years of experience in the industry and a unique team that is skilled at making the impossible possible, we are able to turn your most imaginative ideas into a reality.

Our team has extensive experience collaborating with more than 250 leading manufacturers, allowing us to turn your design preferences into the manufacturer’s day-to-day work. Our personal connections with manufacturers also open up the boundaries of your imagination, giving you the opportunity to take full advantage of the international market and even create exclusive furniture samples customized to your chosen shades and elements.

Our experience working with Italian brands in particular allows us to bring even the most ambitious design and architectural projects to life, presenting you with a complete package of interior, exterior, and lighting options, including a price quote and physical samples of your order.

detail inspired interiors

We understand that many people can dream and imagine, but not everyone is able to competently bring those ideas to fruition. That’s why we offer professional design and architecture services to turn your ethereal dreams into practical realities. We are also skilled in interior and exterior lighting, using light to enhance the originality of your space.

On our website, you can learn more about the services and style options offered by the seven brands represented by Trivia in Armenia. From design and construction to choosing the perfect curtains, dishes, tablecloths, and other accessories, we offer a wide range of options for furnishing and designing spaces of all kinds, including apartments, private houses, penthouses, recreation areas, and office spaces. You can choose to work with us on the implementation and execution of your project, or trust us to handle the design and construction of your ideas from start to finish. With Trivia, the possibilities are endless.

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